Friday, 10 January 2014

Summer Simple.

This incredibly gorgeous summer staple has accompanied me all summer long here in Australia. Lack of Color are an Australian company that make beautiful pieces, if you don't own one... Go now, you've waited long enough.  Find the range here.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


Here's a little video that shows you some of the details of my bedroom and little writing/recording set up at home. I posted some screen caps above but you can watch the whole video here. If you haven't subscribed to my youtube, head over and do so now.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


The second day of summer in Australia sent me a little colour crazy. This very 90's matching suit I grabbed from the iconic last week. The shoes are from ASOS and the hat is of course from the ever lovely Lack Of Color Australia. 

Monday, 18 November 2013


This little black leather skirt is a staple. I can't tell you how many times i've worn it with several different tops, sweaters and jackets. On a night out with the girls this weekend, I kept it very simple and threw on some black heels with a white long sleeve shirt. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Binge Drinking & the Australian drinking culture

I don't drink alcohol at all.

In fact, if you know me quite well you would know that I'm very against the excessive consumption of it.

In Australia, we grow up around social drinking. More often than not the social consumption of alcohol leads to excessive binge drinking.

This happens in every country, right around the world but here we do two very different things to other countries in reaction to this ongoing trend. Both of which if you are Australian, you will recognise quite easily when reading today's blog post.

Firstly whether it's in the media, with friends or family a hangover or an incident relating to an individuals intoxication from the night before is often joked about. Essentially it has become somewhat 'hilarious' and even more alarmingly acceptable to be ill following alcohol consumption. And whilst we as adults more often than not laugh at the other adults with a sore head or a not so pleasant stomach, our younger generations watch and accept this behaviour as the social norm.

Do we ever think about what morals we are instilling unknowingly by having children at social occasions or even the next morning watching their parents and friends joke about incidents and their illness from intoxication?

Alcohol is a drug. It inhibits your ability to act in a way in which you can make sensible decisions. So we are therefore saying that by ingesting this drug to the point that your body physically repels it is not only socially acceptable, it is encouraged and makes you a form of entertainment.

Secondly and perhaps most frustratingly we exclude or question those that chose not to drink. I can't tell you how many times I have been to a party and heard the statements 'Why are you not drinking? Are you pregnant? That's boring, you're boring! No Fun! Driving right? Do you ever have fun?'

Yes, I do have fun! I just don't have any inhibitions to lose. Furthermore, the suggestion that alcohol needs to be consumed for any one to become 'fun' is in fact an alarming indication that you yourself are unable to be comfortable in a social situation without you and those around you drinking excessive amounts.

I sit very much in the minority as a non-drinker in Australia and in my family. I've seen friends and family do ridiculous things, get injured and say things that ultimately alter or damage relationships because of the amount of alcohol consumed in a social situation. Every time I am witness to it, I question why each generation continues the cycle of binge drinking and ultimately encourages it.

I implore you to change your attitude towards the consumption of alcohol. If someone makes the choice not to drink, don't ask why but rather pat them on the back for making a healthy and individual decision to have fun without following the crowd.

Finally, I ask you this... If it were considered socially unacceptable to drink would you do it? Question just how much you follow the crowd in social situations and be strong enough to make a decision that will benefit not only you, but generations to come.

If you found yourself disagreeing with, rolling your eyes at or feeling uncomfortable reading this article then read again, because all of what is said above applies directly to you.

Friday, 8 November 2013


Home town spring time bliss with my favourite girl. Sister times laughing incessantly about the wind blowing in our faces, planning our summer adventures and telling stories after spending months apart. I'm so lucky to have her. These overalls are from and are the perfect beach attire. Find them here. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013


It's always cold in San Francisco in my opinion, but maybe that's just because I'm spoilt with Sydney or Los Angeles' weather. The city by the bay is one of my favourite cities however to visit and explore. It's so removed from what I know and unfamiliar to home that it really makes me feel like I'm far away from everything and everyone that I know. Not only is San Francisco a great place to discover the new, it's also a wonderful place to appreciate the old. The architecture is perhaps some of my favourite in the world. I could wander the streets for hours and that's just what I was doing here. 

It's so important to travel, to meet new people and open your mind to the world around you. It always excites me to think about just how much more I will know in another 365 days time. I can't ever seem to learn or experience enough. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


One of my favourite Australian brands Lack Of Color just released their 2014 collection 'Rebirth of Color'. If you haven't heard of the brand yet, creators Robert Tilbury & Tess Corvaia birthed this amazing collection of traditional and wide brim fedoras that are perfect for the sunny days ahead her in Aus and when I'm back in sunny California. 

The new collection includes the additional colors of sky blue, lilac, silver grey and tan; perfect for any outfit. I can't wait to throw on a perfect little summer dress and some sandals and have my Lack of Color piece dress up my outfit. 

It's all Australian product, made from all Aussie materials so I urge you to check out the website and make a purchase of your own. You'll be seeing mine travel with me everywhere (including the studio) and incorporated with many outfits on the blog very soon. Check out the online store here.

Monday, 4 November 2013


It's unique- which is one of the strangest things about this generation.

I can't say i've ever felt compelled to be scantily dressed, to 'dumb myself down' or speak incessantly about how sexually active I or my friends are in person or in song.

I'm not devoutly religious, overtly conservative or a prude but as an artist, I feel like I have a responsibility to young women and men to be what is now almost considered a rare and wholesome personality in a business consumed with fame, materialism and shock tactics. More often than not in this business, the image outweighs the product and that's something that I have never been able to understand.

There are many strong female role models in the industry that remain consistent, prominent and positive influences on their generation and society as a whole, yet we tend to pay more attention to the shocking, provocative personality of the moment only to tear them down when we realise that their time has passed.

For strong women working within the media in various realms, you have to look no further than the likes of Sophia Bush, Teresa Palmer, Tina Fey, Ellen Degeneres, Meryl Streep, Jami Gertz, Nora Roberts, Marcia Casey or Sandra Bullock. Each have a strong passion for philanthropy and use their status as a public figure for good. Not only are they charitable beings, but they are each independent, beautiful, talented and intelligent women that dictate what they will share with and contribute to the media without compromising their integrity, morals or public persona.

If you have somewhat of a public profile, in my opinion you inexcusably have a responsibility to those that consume the art you create. To say that you are not a role model is incorrect, in fact you are the example of what you believe the media and society want to see. You have a chance to represent a generation.

Perhaps one of the greatest quotes I ever read from Miss Bush (pictured above) read like this: 'Acting is my art, my work and I'm very fortunate to be able to do it, but philanthropy is my passion'.  Taking great pride in her ability to raise awareness for multiple causes, Sophia is a excellent example of an individual with a public profile urging others to make a difference. It is women in the media just like her that I and many others look to as an example of how to conduct yourself with poise, gumption and integrity in the spotlight. Ultimately diverting the attention from herself to those in dire need.

As I was fortunate enough to sit through countless meetings regarding my own music over the past two months, one point rose above the rest when my 'image' as a whole was discussed. I was educated. Law, Communications; University study under my belt and a black cap framed on my wall made me unique. I wasn't entirely sure how to process the reactions I received every time. 'So wait, you're not just a blonde singer songwriter?'

Not to diminish songwriters or artists by any means, but essentially I was astounded that this point made me unique. Have we as a society become so obsessed with the culture that is fame that we disregard education, intelligence, even morality to achieve what we believe is the desired image? I certainly hope not. If this point does make me unique in itself, then I will proudly wear that title.

I wont be telling you to throw your hands up in the hair, drink a bottle of whiskey, stay up until the sun rises, sleep with people that you won't remember in the morning, take drugs, take clothes off or to be disrespectful to those around you in any of my songs because that's not me. This generally goes against 80% of the lyrical content of pop songs today and I sit happily in the minority.

Art can be made and shared without objectification and I intend to do that. Fame is an illusion, integrity, kindness and intelligence are what outlast any fad of the moment.

And finally, I ask you... do we have the same problem for men in the media? How many male celebrities can you name that are taking all their clothes off in music videos, on red carpets, and posting suggestive photos via social media? I challenge you to name 5.

Sex sells I get it, but respect outweighs any monetary value you could ever place on your image or lifestyle.

Google those women that I mentioned above and see what stands at the forefront of their agenda, I assure you it's not taking their clothes off to gain attention. Something needs to change, and it needs to change now.
-Be a guiding light, I will do everything in my power to make the change.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Before jetting back to Aus for a family wedding I stopped in at Foreign Exchange on Melrose and found this little red number. If you live outside of LA, you can check out Foreign Exchange online here. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013


90's child on film.
Sporting too much vintage from wasteland in the streets around my apartment. Black and white film felt like the only appropriate way to capture my over indulgent outfit on this sunny californian afternoon.